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2023 Military Client Reviews

1LT, U.S. Army

I contacted Jason after reading several 5-star reviews. It was the best decision I could make. Initially, as an Army officer - I was hesitant because it seemed as though most of his cases are Navy/Marine/Coast Guard. Trust me, that does not matter. I was facing a GOMOR three days from my PCS date and my organization stopped me from PCSing (across country to Virginia from JBLM) with no house as I had already shipped my household goods. At the same time, a renter had already moved in, and I only had a suitcase with the bare minimum because it was the Christmas season and I planned on spending it with my family with plenty of time to unpack before starting my new job.


It was literally the worst experience of my life. Jason worked quickly to gather up the documents I provided and started on my case right away (mind you, it was the holidays). As others have stated, Jason really does answer your calls and emails right away. There were times I would get a text at 0200 with information he had found to help me in my case.


When I received the GOMOR, (which was already signed by the CG), Jason immediately requested an extension to combed through the original 15-6 and created a rebuttal that was a work of art. I sent the rebuttal to several senior officers I am close with who all agreed it was a solid and strong rebuttal. After weeks of waiting, I received notification that the GOMOR was not filed permanently or even locally – but was WITHDRAWN AND DESTROYED altogether! When I signed the notification, it showed that all the commanders in my chain STILL recommended a local filing - but fortunately the ultimate decision maker (the CG) was able to see through the evidence and the statements Jason carefully crafted and made the decision to destroy the GOMOR that he originally signed. I am completely grateful for Jason and all the work he did to ensure I received the proper representation for fair and just outcome. As a note, I am a Black Female Officer. I am including this information only because I know culturally, we are less trusting of the legal system and a positive outcome. During this ordeal, many of my peers and seniors from my racial demographic advised me to just sign the GOMOR or write my own rebuttal so I won't "waste my money” on a lawyer. I will tell you from going through this --- please don’t do that.


After my experience, I referred Jason to others who are facing legal action who have also retained him – some as far out as the Pentagon. Although my experience at JBLM was unfortunate - I received justice in the end. My flag was lifted favorably, my OER was not impacted, the GOMOR was destroyed and I'm awaiting my next promotion. I am now able to help others fight for their careers by referring Jason and telling my story. Please do not put your career in the hands of just anyone --- Invest in yourself, your career, your family, and your future by hiring Jason. The money you will spend is pennies compared to all you will gain and retain in both your career and mental well-being.

LCpl, U.S. Marine Corps

Got into a sticky Article 15 situation, the JAG I had told me to just accept the terms and take it. Luckily a Marine I know told me about Jason…told me every thing I needed to know and helped me through all of the steps. He took and even contacted my command about the issue. Thank you Mr. Greene!

Petty Officer First Class, U.S. Navy

US Navy Administrative Separation Board Case


If you are reading this, that means you or someone you know needs a military lawyer. And this dude is your guy!!


I hate doing reviews because it’s time consuming. But Jason legit deserves one!!!!


Last year, something weird happened to me. An accusation was made. But my case was unique and weird. To be frank, if i was a lawyer, i would not take my case. I honestly thought no one would! My case was very unique, hard to understand and hard to defend.


I contacted multiple military lawyers and some responded they couldn’t do it. But Jason took me on as a client! Our battle took 9 months, and he never left me hanging! I remember telling him I wanted to request Capt’s Mast and get ranked down to get it over with.




And that’s what kind of lawyer he is. He will stick by you, be your shield, rock and wall. He gives more than 100%!! He will prepare for your case like no other lawyer or DSO would!


During my ADSEP, and this really impressed me because I am very organized and I like to be prepared, he prepared binders for each board members and command legal team with all my info and character statements. Even had a table of contents page - some might think this is nothing, but to see how much your lawyer cares about you compared to some lawyers and DSOs, it is very touching.


He fought for me till the end and we WON!!


Even after my board was done, he still helped me. My command put me on legal hold 2 months after winning. And Jason was quick to act! Next day, legal hold was taken off my record.


He is not just my lawyer, I also consider him a friend! He will fight for you till the end! Even after everything is done. He is a great lawyer and an amazing human being! I am truly grateful he took me on!


Don’t think twice in hiring him! You won’t regret it. I sure don’t!


Thank you, Jason! Because of you I can finally transfer to a new command and move forward.

Sergeant, U.S. Marine Corps

Highly recommend for any situation! ANY!! I have hired Jason two times and both times were super helpful and saved my Marine Corps career! He is incredibly smart and gets very invested in his Military UCMJ cases and will not stop until true justice is uncovered. There were many times while working with Jason where we sat and talked about every single aspect that could happen from our side and the opposite. Again, I highly recommend service members to hire this firm, or even get a consult from him to see future possibilities. 10/10.. if you need help definitely hire Jason.

Petty Officer Second Class, U.S. Coast Guard

I retained Jason because it was important to me that my lawyer had experience with Coast Guard specific cases, and Jason did as he is also prior Coast Guard. I was under investigation for allegations made by my ex-husband, but during the investigation, CGIS was harassing me. After numerous violations from CGIS, Jason filed a motion with the CG trial judge. After the motion was filed, we never even heard from CGIS again, I was never charged with anything, and I separated from the CG honorably at my end of enlistment. Jason is dedicated to his clients, extremely responsive (answering texts and emails usually immediately- even at 2 AM), and the one person you need in your corner if you are facing any type of military legal action.




WO1, U.S. Army

Jason is the BEST military defense attorney I seen in my 15 years of serving in the Military. When I faced a career-threatening Permanent GOMAR for Domestic Violence, Jason's expertise saved the day. He acted swiftly to handle the case and maintained clear communication throughout. Jason's professionalism and commitment were unwavering, instilling complete trust. I ended up getting the GOMAR filed in my local record instead of permanently. Without his dedicated support, I wouldn't be in the Army today. For anyone in a career crisis, I wholeheartedly recommend Jason. He's the real deal – authentic, supportive, and effective. If you love your career and don’t want all your hard work and dedication to go down the drain don’t hesitate to call this man! He’s worth every penny! Just follow the advice he’s giving you and remain positive. You’ll be good👏🏾🐐

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