Military Defense Lawyer

Case Results

Recent cases Mr. Greene has worked on: 

2020: Army O-3 faced a Board of Inquiry for Fraternization and Conduct Unbecoming an Officer. 

Result: Board voted 3-0 to RETAIN officer in the Army. 

2020: Army E-5 was charged under Article 15, UCMJ. The NCO refused NJP and demanded trial by court martial. 

Result: At trial, NCO found NOT GUILTY on all charges. Case closed. No criminal record.  

2020: NCO charged with sexual assault at Administrative Separation Board.  

Result: Board voted 3-0 finding NO CHARGED MISCONDUCT. NCO retained.

2019: Army E-3 charged with sexual assault and sent to Article 15 NJP. Soldier refused NJP and demanded trial by court martial. Defense counsel executed thorough witness examination and argument at the Article 32 hearing. 

Result: ALL CHARGES DISMISSD by convening authority. No criminal record. Defense counsel assists client with obtaining back-pay for his promotion that was delayed due to the case.

2019: Respected E-7 pops positive for drugs on UA, charged under Article 15, UCMJ, and processed for a drug incident. With clear evidence that the E-7 accidentally ingested the drugs, Defense counsel rapidly contacts the national military UA testing laboratory and speaks with expert technician. Defense counsel then engages the XO and the Staff Judge Advocate with copious evidence that the ingestion was accidental. 

Result: ALL CHARGES DISMISSED. Drug incident WITHDRAWN. Case closed. 

2019: Coast Guard E-5 accused of drug possession. Defense counsel intervenes early before command could charge member under Article 15, UCMJ, and send member to mast. Defense counsel negotiates with JAGs extensively over several months. 

Result: NO CHARGES FILED. NO MAST. NO DRUG INCIDENT. Member receives a page-7 counseling. Case closed


NOTE: All cases are different. Past case outcomes do not guarantee future results in your case or any case.